Vampula is a vampire Zelf. Born on the first eclipse of the moon and is currently 400 years old. Her power is


Vampula is known for her huge ego and boasts related to hygiene. She makes sure to get all of her beauty sleep during the day, then spends the evening primping in front of the watering can.


Vampula is a pale pink skinned zelf with a pair of black and pink glimmering bat wings and black and pink markings on her body. She has two very small fangs and long pink and black split hair that curls downward, instead of up. Her eyes are pink and she wears a single black hair bow.


Vamp Lamp, which is a pink coffin with two big pink and black themed lamps attached to it and black bat wings.


  • Medium doll, comes with a pink leaf shaped brush and pink bat shaped charm.
  • Large doll, comes with a pink brush, pink hair clip with black hair, and a black hair clip with white hair.
  • Mini doll (basic, pearl finish, sparkle finish)


"Fangtastic, dahling."


  • Vampula has a few similarities with Draculaura from Monster High. Not only do they have vaguely similar names, they also share a color scheme, and their species.


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