Spellinda is a Witch Zelf. Born on Halloween Eve, she has the power of love.


Spellinda is very perky and always working brand new methods to make others fall in love. She spends mostly all of her time perfecting potions in the birdbath and zooming through the garden on a broom.


Spellinda is a bright teal skinned zelf with bright colored eyes, often appearing black due to how big the middle is. All over her body are neon purple stars and black markings, as well as a black cat on her left leg.

Spellinda's ears are very basic and are near the bottom of her head. Her hair is mostly neon purple with two streaks of black through it. It's somewhat curly and near the end, a tiny heart shape can be seen.


Spellinda's Fabitat is the Witchbrew Bistro. A place where everyone gathers to see what the newest blends and recipes she thinks up next.

The Witchbrew Bistro is mostly lilac in color and sits on a teal-green stump. On the side of the building is a chimney and the roof resembles a tall, teal colored witch or wizards hat. To reach the bistro, there is a side-winding set of stairs.


  • Large doll, comes with a black brush, a black hair clip with white hair attached, and a pink hair clip with black hair attached.
  • Medium doll, comes with a neon pink-purple leaf shaped brush and a dark cat head charm.
  • Mini doll (basic, pearl finish, sparkle finish)


"Lovestruck baby!"



  • Spellinda seems to be based off of the name "Belinda" or even "Glenda".


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