Howlette is a Werewolf Zelf. Born on the 4th full moon, she has the power of Creativity.


A very fast, light on her feet sort of gal with a heighted sense of smell. There's nothing more she loves then to shed some hair to keep the flowers warm during winter.


Howlette is a purple skinned zelf with dark purple markings around her head, and the ends of her hands and feet, giving her the appearance that she may have fur. She has dark pink paw pads, as well as small fangs and a dark purple paw print marking on her tummy. She has __ eyes.

Howlette's pink-purple hair spikes into one bunch with many pointed ends and one thick strand of hair (her bangs) curling away. Her tail is the same color and is one long piece that swirls inward.


Clipper Kennel, a purple themed home resembling a dog house. The structure that holds the roof seems to be made of bone, matching the ornament above the door and the light.


  • Medium doll, comes with a pink leaf shaped brush and a pink-purple paw print shaped charm.
  • Mini doll (basic, pearl finish, sparkle finish)


"Explore your wild side."


  • Howlette is just barely similar to Howleen from Monster High. They have similar names, usually purple color scheme, and both are wolves.


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