Garny is a Dark Fairy Zelf. Born on Friday the 13th, her power is "Awesomeness".


A shadow chaser that is very quick on her feet and very hard to keep track of. She's a big mischief maker that finds nothing more fun then causing trouble during the night.


Garny is a purple-blue skinned zelf with green eyes. She has low ears and a pair of dark purple, bat shaped wings covered in sparkles. She can often be found with a cheeky smile.

All over her body (minus the head) are black thorns and purple flowers. She has very simple black hair that curves slightly towards the left.


A very tall, silver-purple watering can with a curved spout. All over it are thorned black vines and a single curled yellow leaf that acts as the roof. There are many round windows and matching shaped door.


  • Medium doll, comes with a neon pink-purple leaf shaped brush and a purple spider shaped charm.
  • Mini doll (basic, pearl finish, sparkle finish)


"I make ya wicked cool!"



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